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Diabetes and your Feet in Staten Island

One thing about diabetes that is always true is that you must always be on the alert. You have to constantly check your blood glucose level, you have to check your feet, and you also need to be aware of the effect that type 1 or type 2 diabetes may have on your feet. Fortunately, we at Huguenot Podiatry Group, one of our specialties is working with you to prevent the consequences that diabetes can have on your feet. We do that with attentive care, essential guidance, and effective treatment.

The most common ways that diabetes can impact your overall foot health is by causing nerve damage (neuropathy), slowing blood flow to your feet, causing your feet to become dry, and possible foot deformities. If that list is alarming, let us assure you that none of that has to transpire. By coming in regularly for our Staten Island foot care, you can stay ahead of potential problems. For most diabetic patients, once per year will be sufficient, but depending on your unique circumstances, you might be better off coming in more frequently. Our podiatrist will discuss what schedule is best suited to your needs. Between your visits for our Staten Island foot care, do frequent self checks at home. Because possible nerve damage can make temperature changes difficult to detect by feel, you should be sure that as the colder weather arrives, you keep your feet properly insulated, especially when you are outdoors. Examine your feet frequently for signs of injuries, blisters, calluses, infections, or foot ulceration. And above all, be sure to keep your blood sugar regulated to the greatest extent possible. Work closely with your primary care doctor or your diabetes specialist, and follow recommendations given on diet, medication, and exercise.

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