Staten Island ankle sprain

Staten Island Ankle Sprain

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Patients seeking treatment for a Staten Island ankle sprain can call Huguenot Podiatry Group for more information today. Diagnosing and treating ankle sprains is part of our practice, and we have treated many patients successfully over the years. Ankle sprains are common and can be very painful.

A Staten Island ankle sprain can be treated at our offices with wrapping and icing. We also treat bunions and calluses. Orthotics can be used to reduce pressure from bunions, but if they do not do the job, surgery may be required or recommended. Complex foot surgeries require the patient to have a cast or crutches to walk, especially if pins are used. Some of the surgeries we perform are cosmetic foot surgeries, which can be done for discomfort and aesthetic reasons. Pain or deformity in the ankle and heels may warrant a reconstructive surgery. This helps alleviate pain and restore function. Recovery time for foot surgery varies and depends on the person’s activity level. After any major foot surgery done by our foot doctor we recommend patients stay home for at least a week. The foot should stay elevated above the heart.

We also treat diabetic feet as well as a Staten Island ankle sprain. Diabetes tends to decrease the body’s ability to fight off infection. It causes damage to organs and the immune system and can affect feet and cause problems with foot conditions and poor circulation. Because of the damage diabetes causes to the nervous system, those who suffer from it may not be able to feel sensations in their feet in a normal way. It is very important for diabetics to take care of their feet. At our offices we accept most insurances and union plans and we are open Tuesday through Saturday on most Saturdays during convenient hours.

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