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If your child needs to see a foot doctor, you will want to visit our podiatry practice, Huguenot Podiatry. Our expert pediatric foot doctor will be able to provide your child with the expert foot care that he or she needs. Although many people do not associate podiatrists with foot care for kids, the fact is that many children do indeed need to see our podiatrist for foot problems. Children enjoy being treated by our Rossville podiatrist who is well-versed in pediatric foot care, and makes sure that all of his patients remain comfortable and stress-free during their visits at our office.

Rossville podiatrist

Our office is state-of-the-art, and our foot doctor is able to provide both children and adults with the most modern foot care treatments. Our foot doctor is able to treat a full range of clinical podiatry problems that include the foot and ankle. It is very common for children to have foot problems and need to see our pediatric foot doctor because growing feet can easily develop many problems. If your child has a foot problem, it is important that they are caught early before your child reaches adulthood. This way the foot problem can be much more easily treated, as the foot is still growing. Some indications that your child might be experiencing foot problems are: there is a change in the wear on his or her shoes; there is a discoloration of the skin or nails on their feet, there is a change in the general coordination or stamina of your child; or your child may even become disinterested in participating in sports that they have thoroughly enjoyed in the past.

Our Rossville podiatrist will be able to accurately diagnose and effectively treat your child’s foot problem. Children and teens are prone to developing plantar warts on their feet. This foot problem can be treated by our podiatrist in a number of ways, depending on the individual wart requiring treatment. Our podiatrist will also be able to examine your child’s gait to make sure that no associated problems are developing. Children are also commonly affected by fungal toenails, in-toeing or out-toeing problems, heel pain, ingrown toenails, flat feet, and sports injuries. Our podiatrist will be able to provide the exact care that your child needs so that their feet will not only be comfortable, but to help ensure that they develop correctly as your child reaches adulthood. For an appointment for either you or your child to see our expert podiatrist, contact us today.

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